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Sample Schedule

Growing up we never had a schedule. Life was always busy and we ran from one thing to another. When I went away to EXCEL for 8 weeks, I learned to live on a schedule and I LOVED it. Creating a schedule is difficult, and sticking to it is even harder. When my children are born, I create a feeding/sleeping schedule. It is so wonderful to know when they need to eat, and be able to figure out what is wrong a whole lot faster. As they grow up, we often get away from the schedule. I have tried many times to have a schedule and stick to it, but it has never worked. Once again I am going to try. Josiah is now having preschool, and Annalynn needs to have some school too. I have recently taken on 2 new piano students so a new schedule must be made. On top of all of that our home desperately needs to be organized. DECLUTTER! DECLUTTER!! DECLUTTER!!!  Whenever I try to start a schedule inevitably something happens to throw it all off, but I am more determined than ever to run a disciplined household. So here is a sample schedule I’ve put together. This next Monday we will start it and see how it goes. I’m sure there are changes that need to be made, but you can’t start without a plan.



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