“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God?

Or am I trying to please man?

If I were still trying to please man,

I would not be a servant of Christ.”

Galatians 1:10 (ESV)

Who’s approval do you seek?



” It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth.” Lamentations 3:27

If you want to ruin your son, never let him know a hardship. When he is a child carry
him in your arms, when he becomes a youth still dandle him, and when he becomes
a man still dry-nurse him, and you will succeed in producing an arrant fool. If you
want to prevent his being made useful in the world, guard him from every kind of
toil. Do not suffer him to struggle. Wipe the sweat from his dainty brow and say,
“Dear child, thou shalt never have another task so arduous.” Pity him when he ought
to be punished; supply all his wishes, avert all disappointments, prevent all troubles,
and you will surely tutor him to be a reprobate and to break your heart. But put him
where he must work, expose him to difficulties, purposely throw him into peril, and
in this way you shall make him a man, and when he comes to do man’s work and to
bear man’s trial, he shall be fit for either. C.H. Spurgeon

A Mother’s Voice

There is, somehow, a wonderful power about a mother’s voice, when she talks to her children about Jesus and his love, which stamps itself upon the heart, and the heart is a far better place for the custody of truth than ever the brain can become.

~ Charles H. Spurgeon

~ Introduction ~

What is does it mean to be a mother? Is running our children around from soccer practice to ballet to piano lessons? Is it picking up their toys for them, washing their clothes and preparing meals? Are there specific things a mother has to do or be or say? Is quality time more important than quantity time? Can a mother really be influential in the lives of her children today?

And the fundamental mission of motherhood now is the same as it always was: to nurture, protect and instruct children, to create a home environment that enables them to learn and grow, to help them develop a heart for God and His purposes, and to send them out inot the world prepared to live both fully and meaningfully.

Sally Clarkson, The Mission of Motherhood, page 3

What is a good mother?

This week I am working on reading a book I have had for a while, but never gotten to read. It is called, “The Mission of Motherhood” by Sally Clarkson.

On the back of the book she asks four questions:

  • Do you long for your home to be lifegiving and peaceful?
  • Is it your desire to pass on a legacy of righteousness to your children?
  • Do you struggle to balance the duties of motherhood with a loving relationship with your children?
  • Would you like creative ideas and direction for keeping your child’s heart open to you and to the Lord?

This book looks really exciting. I plan to share tidbits with you as I read through the book this week!

What are you reading this week?

Motherhood ~ A Sacred Trust

O dear mothers, you have a very sacred trust reposed in you by God! He hath in effect said to you, “Take this child and nurse it for Me, and I will give thee thy wages.” You are called to equip the future man of God, that he may be thoroughly furnished unto every good work. If God spares you, you may live to hear that pretty boy speak to thousands, and you will have the sweet reflection in your heart that the quiet teachings of the nursery led the man to love his God and serve Him. Those who think that a woman detained at home by her little family is doing nothing, think the reverse of what is true. Scarcely can the godly mother quit her home for a place of worship; but dream not that she is lost to the work of the church; far from it, she is doing the best possible service for her Lord. Mothers, the godly training of your offspring is your first and most pressing duty.

~ Charles Spurgeon

Needing to get back…

Oh how I need to start writing again. Life has been so crazy! Priorities – choices – needs – wants – so many things! 😀

I will try to be back soon – – – –